The Founder and President

Prof. Aaron TO KA LUN

PDHom., MARH. RSHom (Oversea)

HK Association of Homeopathy—President

Macau Association of Homeopathy—President

U.K. School of Homeopathy—Homeopathy Professor

U.K. School of Health—Medical Science Professor

The School of Homeopathy—RSHom (Oversea)

U.K. Alliance of Registered Homeopaths(ARH)—Registered Member (MARH.)

U.K. The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP)—Registered nutrition therapist

U.S. National Center for Homeopathy—Life Member

Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy—Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy—Associate Editor

Guangdong Research Institute of Sports Medicine —Expert Committee

Prof. Aaron To is the Professor of ScHomeopathy(SOH) and Alternative Training(AT) in the Great China Area. He is dedicated to the promotion of high standard classical homeopathy, homeopathic education and reputable practice. He insists a comprehensive registration and regulation system for homeopathy, contributes to the full localization of homeopathy, making his dream of bringing homeopathy to China come true. 
Prof.Aaron To thinks that homeopathy is an ‘alternative’ because no one has ever successfully promoted homeopathy. He believes homeopathy is the truth of medicine, forever law of the nature. His mission on homeopathy is to pollinate its concept on health in the society, to improve the standard of professional training and practice, to formulate a comprehensive registration system and regulation policy.
"I hope to our next generation, homeopathy is no longer an alternative medicine, but part of the main stream." 
Misha Norland, the founder of the school, has reminded him that this dream is no easy job, it took a few generations to have it translated from German to English. To introduce homeopathy into Greater China Area, it has first to be localized and translated. What a huge task! But he was finally moved by Prof. To’s persistence in Homeopathy and love to his own race and country. Prof. To said to him, ‘I am not sure if I can finish it in my life, but I am sure if I don’t give it a start, it would never be done.’ 
Prof. To has a life full of legends. He was a nutritional consultant for different hospital in China, a marketing consultant for several companies, and was once the lecturer with the highest charge in Southeast Asia. His talent on human resource development and speech is very impressive. 
He was born in Hong Kong, with the separation of parents at young age, he was brought up by his grandparents. After graduation from high school, he could not afford university and started to work for a living, taking care of his grandparent and younger siblings. However, he has all along been deeply absorbed in medicine, he read books on nutritional medicine at young age, so that he could treat his dear fish and tortoises when they were sick. Although he had to work for his family’s living, he had never given up studying. He studied nutritional medicine at night after work, fighting for every growth and improvement. 
Through these years of working experience, he also learnt important techniques in marketing. He made use of his professional knowledge in Nutritional medicine and promoted it through marketing. He discovered that the only way to bring alternative medicine into China is professional training. We have to duplicate the professional knowledge among people with potentials, so that proper alternative medicine could merge into the Chinese society. 
And then Prof.Aaron To met different famous nutritional medicine experts from all over the world, hoping to improve further on his knowledge so that he could help those patients whom he failed to treat at that time. One of the professors had inspired him deeply: 
“If you are to chase after the truth, now or later, you would fall into the magnetic field of homeopathy,” 
“I learnt the physical part of our health – nutrition medicine; and the spiritual part – flower remedies, isn’t that enough to help our patients?” 
“If you are to chase after the truth, it is like water in a bathing tub, there is only one single outlet. Though you may not be willing to get into it now, you may try to swirl around, now or later, you will be drained through the unique outlet to the enormous sea of Homeopathy.”
And yes, Prof.Aaron To was soon magnetized by the amazing power of Homeopathy. He finished his study in homeopathy in both the U.K. School of Natural Science and School of Homeopathy.  Upon graduation, he made up his mind to contribute all he learnt to promote homeopathy in Greater China Area, so that more people could be benefited through homeopathy. 
Prof.Aaron To has devoted his life to homeopathy, combining his experience in homeopathic practice, incomparable presentation skills, talents in human resource development, he is the best one to fight for a comprehensive registration and regulation system for homeopathy in Greater China Area, so that homeopathy can be healthily rooted.

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