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Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy (HKAH) has been established as a legally registered non-profit professional organization by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since 2005. The purpose of the Association is : Homeopathy for all.

HKAH has been has been committed to promote the concept of classical Homeopathy, popularize the education and professional ethics, advocate the establishment of a sound system of registration and regulation of homeopathy, support the Great China region, support the fully use of Chinese in the local homeopathy profession, and officially bring Homeopathy into Hong Kong.

HKAH demands all registered students and members to comply with the code of practice of the medical association, and to take the social responsibility of promoting the classical homeopathy. The goals are to ensure the overall quality of homeopathy in Hong Kong, and increase the social awareness and image of homeopathy, achieving the mission of 'Homeopathy for all'.





Professional Conduct Procedures

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