Dysfunction at Wikipedia on Homeopathic Medicine
       It may surprise and even shock most people to learn that, according to the Washington Post, the two most controversial subjects on Wikipedia in four leading languages (English, French, German, and Spanish) are the articles on "Jesus Christ" and "homeopathy." ........ More



UK  Science & Technology report
       It is often reported that there is no evidence homeopathy works or that the current evidence base shows homeopathy is no better than placebo. Neither statement is correct. ........ More



Response by the Homeopath Research Institute to Australian NHMRC report
       The Homeopathy ResearchInstitute (HRI) welcomes attempts to critically evaluate the evidence base for homeopathy,providing this is done accurately and objectively. Unfortunately the recently published‘Overview Report’ by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)fails on both counts: it does not accurately reflect the findings of the originalresearch studies in homeopathy and its conclusion that the evidence ‘fails to demonstratethat homeopathy is ........ More


  下是順勢療法研究所(Homeopathy Research Institute)對有關Posadzki「順勢療法的副作用」一文的回應:
       Our concern about this systematic review is notthat it highlights the potential for AE from homeopathy, as it would be mostpeculiar for any medical intervention to be entirely harm-free. Rather, onscrutiny of the article, we have discovered that the reporting of publishedcases, as well as the methods and analyses applied by the authors are seriouslyflawed, leading to unreliable conclusions about the relative safety ofhomeopathy ........ More


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