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Theme:Antidiabetic Drugs Vs Homeopathic management
Date:13/01/16 (Wed)
Time:07:30 pm - 12:00 am(07:15 Start admission)
Venue:HKAH seminar room
Fee:Free for all HKAH members
Speaker:HKAH--President Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun
Detail:In the first quarter of 2016, Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy (HKAH) will study the factors and management of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, will discuss the latest research data, which shown that it is unable to effectively improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and some even shown to increase the risk if depression of blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol by using drugs.
Remark:Please show your HKAH membership card upon entry. Due to the limited seats, it will be first come first serve.

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